"Ballade with Christine de Pisan"

"Ballade with Christine de Pisan" by Kristina Boerger (6:34)

Live performance by Cerddorion, May, '09
Soloist: Silvie Jensen

  Ballade with Christine de Pisan

Seulete suy     I am a small woman
     wanting     seulete     to be alone
seulete     the way my sweetheart left me
     seulete     without companion, without master
seulete     grieving angrily, wakefully
     seulete     more lost than anyone
seulete     the way he left me.

Seulete     Alone at doors and windows
     seulete     and in blind corners
seulete     I feed on tears
     seulete     some soft, some loud
seulete     it suits me best
     seulete     to be closed inside a room
seulete     the way he left me.

     In whatever place     seulete
I wander     seulete
     more alone     seulete
than any creature     seulete
     and I am sunk     seulete
in frequent weeping     seulete

Prince,    seulete suy    sorrow begins
     seulete     surrounds
seulete     and darkens me like fruit
     seulete     the way he left me.

Poem by Sarah White

Published in Cleopatra Haunts the Hudson (Spuyten Duyvil, 2007)

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